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Gardening Tools for Beginners

The Best Gardening Tools For Beginners

Beginners get overboard when buying gardening tools. Not only will it cost a lot of money but it could eventually eat up a lot of space. To guide you through the process of shopping for gardening tools, we come up with a list of some of the must-have tools for beginners.

These are the following: 

Working Gloves

As you work in your garden, your hands get exposed to a lot of things including thorns and splints. The ideal gloves to choose should have the following characteristics:

  •     Highly durable
  •     Not too bulky
  •     Fits perfectly
  •     Made from breathable and water-resistant fabric
  •     Long cuffs to protect not just the hands but the wrist and forearm too.

Pruning Shears

choose a pruning shear that is made from high-quality materials. There are various types of shears to choose from. They are the following:

  • Anvil pruners – for cutting dead woods.
  • Bypass pruners – for cutting live plants and green wood.
  • Ratcheting pruner – it is perfect for people with reduced hand strength. 
  • Loppers – they are long-handled pruners used to trim hard to reach areas.

Garden Fork

It is used to turn the soil and has the ability to dig into dense soil. There are different variations to choose from.

  • Slight curve – It is used to scoop mulch and turn compost piles.
  • Straight tines – It is used for digging soil, especially rock and compact soil as well as clay soil.
  • Square tines – It easily bends when get in contact with root or a rock.


It is a short-handled square shovel used for digging holes for plants. It is also used to move a small mound of dirt from one place to another. When buying a spade, make sure you choose the one made from stainless steel as it is strong and rust-resistant.

Hand Towel

It is a must-have hand tool as it is useful for transplanting bedding plants and herbs. It is also used to take out weeds. 


It is used to whisk away leaves and debris. For beginners, buy the standard leaf rake.


If you are growing a veggie garden, you should buy a sturdy wide hoe. On the other hand, if you are growing a perennial garden, buy a hoe that is thinner, long reach, and comfortable handle.

Weeding Hoes

It has an open square head and can be pushed back and forth under the surface of the soil.  This tool is an absolute must if you wish to get rid of weeds that are rooted deep within the soil.

Flat Hoes

It is used to turn the soil in rows in a vegetable garden. This is the perfect tool if you are planting a small garden in the backyard with a variety of different vegetables.

Garden Hose

Watering your garden is a must and so it is important to include garden hose in your list of garden tools. Choose a garden hose with an adjustable nozzle so that you can reach every area of your garden.

Watering Can

As much as possible, you should choose a watering can made from metal. It is more expensive than the plastic one but it will last for a very long time.

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